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Magic Natura Animal, Waterpark Resort’s Peeling and hydration in Benidorm

Magic Natura Animal, Waterpark Resort
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Magic Natura Animal, Waterpark Resort's Peeling and hydration

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 Magic Natura Animal, Waterpark Resort Benidorm

Peeling and hydration

Feel the sensation of a soft skin free of impurities and dryness. Treatments that provide all the necessary nutrients with specific creams for each type of skin. From € 26

(*) Treatments per person. Subject to availability, reservation within 24 hours by phone during Spa time

Natural peeling + Hydration

Body treatment ideal for preparing the skin before and after the sun. 30 minutes (*)


Peeling + chocolate coating

Treatment with a gentle exfoliation of cocoa and a body massage, followed by a chocolate coating that provide all the nutrients. 60 minutes (*)


Peeling + seaweed coating

Diuretic therapy where liquids and toxins from the body will eliminated nourishing it. Ideal for people with fluid retention. 60 minutes (*)


Peeling + delicatessen coating

Treatments containing Vitamin C. Ideal for skin exposed to long sun exposure. 60 minutes (*)


Peeling + gold coating

It combines the properties of gold with the softness of silk. The skin will feel softer and brighter. 60 minutes (*)


Peeling + aloe coating

60 minutes (*)